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Working with Firestore

After initializing an instance of Fireman you can query, update and delete data from your firestore instance using the previously instantiated Fireman instance.

Get documents

Fireman provide a single querying powerful interface, with the get function, you are able to easily get single documents and collections from your Firestore instances.


db is your Firestore instance (see guide for how to initialize it). It needs to be passed as first argument in each function

Get a collection or a single document

const fireman = new Fireman(db);

// Get a single document
fireman.get("users", {doc: "documentIdToQuery"}).then((usersinfo) => {

// You could also append the document id to the collection name in the first argument
fireman.get("users/documentIdToQuery").then((userInfo) => {


when getting single documents this way, you SHOULD NOT append or prepend / to your query strings, Fireman may mistake them for a collection or doc (when that is not exactly what is asked) tracking #16

Get documents with filters (querying)

fireman.get("users", {
  where: [{field: "name", op: "==", val: "fireman"}],
  orderBy: [{field: "createdOn", dir: "desc"}],
  limit: 20
}).then((usersFound) => {


Errors are not caught internally by Fireman, you need to handle them yourself. Add a .catch on your functions or wrap them with a try/catch block.

Type declaration

type FiremanWhere = {
  field: string | FieldPath;
  op: WhereFilterOp;
  val: unknown;

type FiremanOrderBy = {
  field: string | FieldPath;
  dir: OrderByDirection;

interface FiremanQuery {
  doc?: string;
  where?: FiremanWhere[];
  order?: FiremanOrderBy[];
  limit?: number;

Add documents

Firestore offers a two ways to add documents to your collection. You can either add a document and generate a new ID for it, or you can add a document with a specific ID.

Add with auto generated ID

const todoData = {
  title: "Learn Firebase",
  completed: false,
  createdOn: new Date()

fireman.add("todos", todoData)

Add with custom ID

fireman.add("todos", todoData, "todoId")

Update documents

fireman.update("todos", { title: "new" }, "todo1")

Delete documents

fireman.delete("todos", "todo1")

Count documents in a collection

fireman.count("todos") // returns 3

// or with filters
fireman.count("todos", {where: [{field: "title", op: "==", val: "new"}]}) // returns 1

Released under the MIT License.